Theme Park

Theme Park Video Game

Theme Park Video Game

Theme Park is a simulation game developed by Bullfrog, released in 1994. The aim of the game is to create and manage an amusement park, from the layout of the footpaths, position of the rides and pricing the various attractions and confectionery.

You start the game with a small plot of land and a few hundred thousand pounds from which you can build your park, the money you have must be spent wisely on building rides, shops and on staff. At first your park will only contain one maybe two rides, as you build up more cash you can slowly build more and more attractions.

However as your park gets bigger the game gets more complex. you have to maintain rides, clean the park and adjust prices to maintain good profit. Everything you do affects your parks popularity, safety and most importantly your profit margin.



The game has been released on various platforms over the years, some versions such as the Amiga version have primitive graphics, and other versions such as the DS version are completely different due to the platform requirements (ie. stylus).

The game was released on the following platforms:

MS-DOS (Windows)
Amiga CD32
3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Mega Drive/Genesis
Sega Saturn
Atari Jaguar
Mega Drive Mega CD
Nintendo DS
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