Theme Park World


Theme Park World (known as Sim Theme Park in Brazil and United States) is a simulation game developed by Bullfrog, released in 1999.

Just like Theme ParkTheme Park World is a theme park management simulation game, where the player has to build their own theme park, hire and manage staff and look after visitors to the park – fulfilling any needs they have. The game also allows you to modify and upgrade rides so that they last longer before needing repair, appeal more to customers and ultimately make more profit.

The game was originally only released for Windows, but was later ported to PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Mac.



There are four different types of parks to unlock and build, known as Worlds. Each World has different rides, shops, and sideshows. As the player unlocks new areas, the game becomes progressively harder.

The Worlds are:

  • Lost Kingdom, a jungle theme park with Aztec castles and dinosaurs. This, along with Halloween World, is the first world the player begins with, but Wonderland and Space Zone can be unlocked later on with Golden Keys. This park, along with Halloween World, are the easiest.
  • Halloween World, a scary theme park with ghostly rides and haunted houses. This world, along with the Lost Kingdom only need one Golden Key to unlock. Both this park and Lost Kingdom are the easiest to play.
  • Wonder Land, the third and second hardest world. A fantasy theme park with bugs and flowers. Three Golden Keys are needed to unlock this world.
  • Space Zone, the fourth and last world. It is the hardest world in the game. A futuristic theme park with spaceships and aliens. Five Golden Keys are needed to unlock this world.

The player also has the option of changing the names of the Worlds.

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